Welcome to our school website, we hope you enjoy your visit!

St Edmund's Catholic Primary School

Welcome to our school website, we hope you enjoy your visit!

Welcome our Junior Leadership Team page! 

In the first part of the Autumn Term we elected our new JLT members. Each year group voted for two children

(one boy and one girl) to represent them on the JLT. The JLT's goal is to work closely with the pupils in the school to

represent their views and work with the school staff to try and improve the school! 





Our Work


Autumn Term 

This term we have been working on launching a whole school tidy up. We have written a letter to our local council to help us 

buy some rubbish bins for our playground. We only have one litter bin at the moment. Our hope is that the children will be encouraged to put their litter in the bin to

help keep our school looking tidy and to do our bit to help the environment. We would also like to make sure the 

creatures who visit our playground are kept safe and are not harmed by litter. 


This term, we organised a starlight walk around the school grounds to raise money for the charity Sands.

The children decorated lanterns with the names of people who has passed and we took a quiet moment to remember them. 

We came together as a school on the playground to say a prayer for those we love and remember in our lives. 

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