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School Performance

Key Stage Two

Children in Year 6 are also assessed on their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. The curriculum introduced in 2014 provides greater challenge with higher expectations set for the end of KS2.

The results of the SATs (tests) are reported using a scaled score, where a score of 100 represents the expected standard. The highest possible score is 120 and the lowest is 80.

Children are awarded one of the following Teacher Assessment judgements in writing:

  • Expected Standard - Working at the expected standard for their age.
  • Greater Depth - Working at greater depth within the expected standard and has a strong understanding of the curriculum.

In addition to these measures and in line with requirements, we have reported the percentage of children achieving a High Standard. Children with a scaled score of 110 and above are included in this group.

Year 6 pupils were assessed in reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling, maths and science. For further information, please see the leaflet Information for parents KS2 from the Standards and Testing Agency.

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