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School Aims


We see Christ in everyone
As we journey together, teaching and learning.
We believe every day matters,
As we challenge ourselves to be all that we can be

Vision Statement

We are committed to the belief that everyone is treated with fairness, justice, compassion, inclusiveness, love, respect and has the opportunity for a quality education in a spiritual environment.

As a Catholic community we aspire to:

  • Live and celebrate Gospel values, beliefs and traditions in our daily lives
  • Create an engaging and challenging learning environment where all pupils are given the opportunity to succeed.
  • Maximize the potential of every individual.
  • Provide a safe and welcoming school environment.
  • Promote responsibility and a global perspective of citizenship
  • Enrich the intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral, social and emotional life of all pupils.
  • Build a culture of tolerance where people of diverse identities are recognised, welcomed, respected and cherished.

Mission Statement

Our expectation is that every day FAITH is at the heart of everything we do:

  • Fulfil our potential
  • Aspire to excel
  • Immerse ourselves in the community
  • Think of others
  • Hold God in our hearts

Our daily acts of worship uphold the Gospels’ values, beliefs and traditions. All members of our community will treat each other with compassion, love, inclusiveness, respect and reconciliation.

Our pupils progress rapidly because they enjoy coming to school to learn. Our staff are passionate and enthusiastic and instil a love of learning. Our education inspires children and develops a love of learning in a safe, nurturing environment.

Everyone in our community aims to deliver and receive good-outstanding lessons. Lessons are inspiring, fun, personalised to individuals and groups needs, thoroughly planned and prepared for. Feedback to pupils is clear, informative and includes next steps.

Pupils know their teachers have high expectations of them and are eager to exceed these targets.

We rigorously monitor the progress of all pupils, including Pupil Premium pupils and those with SEN. We analyse their attainment and progress every half term and take steps to intervene for those pupils not making expected progress. We strive to ensure that all pupils will make at least expected progress.

All staff have a robust performance management programme linked to our Vision and can expect a personal development programme that meets their needs.

We provide a rich social-moral-spiritual-cultural (SMSC) curriculum for pupils through good access to clubs, visits, guest speakers, pupil voice, House activities and other enrichment activities. We have a thriving School Council and listen to our pupils by conducting regular questionnaires and act on their views.

We aim to listen to the entire community and work together to achieve our common vision. We engage with parents through regular parent forums, pupil progress meetings, parent questionnaires and open afternoons. We communicate clearly through our website and regular newsletters and we always take the time to listen.

We strive to reach out into our communities and help those less fortunate than ourselves.